The biohackspace is part of the London Hackspace (LHS) and unfortunately, the lease on the LHS premises ended in December 2022. The current LHS temporary location does not have any laboratory facilities, so until further notice, biolab activities are not available. Please see the LHS site for more details -

London Biohackspace is a community-run molecular biology and microbiology lab, the first in the UK.  We’ve got most of the lab set up now and doing some simple non-GMO experiments and investigations.  We are also organising regular talks and workshops on our Meetup group.

To give you some idea of what we’re into, recent projects have included genetic modification of yeast, a cyanobacteria growing workshop, SNP testing, and sequencing DNA found in soil.

The strength of the DIYbio community is the diversity of its members, and we welcome enthusiastic amateurs and professionals, regardless of background.  In the past, artists, engineers, biologists, and programmers have all engaged with the Biohackspace to carry out innovative bioscience projects.

Our lab is funded through members’ contributions and the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to become a member, or to make a regular donation, please have a look at the Membership or the donations page.

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