Become a member of Biohackspace

The biohackspace is part of the London Hackspace, and our lab is located in their workspace, so first please sign up as a member of the LHS and become familiar with the workspace first.

You should get access to the LHS first, and get an access card setup before becoming member of the biohackspace.

Join the London Hackspace

If you are keen to get started with biohacking, you can become a member of the biohackers as well. The membership fee is £2.50 a week or £10 a month. We use GoCardless to process member payments. (To cancel, you can either stop the direct debit from your online banking, or email requesting a cancellation)

Join as a Biohackspace Member (Pay £2.50 weekly)

Join as a Biohackspace Member (Pay £10 monthly)

Members of the biohackspace have 24/7 access to the biolab, and shared use of the following equipment:

  • PCR machine
  • 10,000 rpm centrifuge
  • 5000 rpm refrigerated centrifuge
  • Shaking Orbital Incubator
  • Electrophoresis Gel Tank
  • Micro-fuge (14,000 rpm)
  • Unlimited RO water (*)
  • Microscopy
  • Autoclave
  • Digital Scales
  • PPE
  • Fridge & Freezer for sample storage
  • Vortexer
  • Gilson Pipettes
  • Electroporator
  • Electrophoresis Power Supply
  • UV illuminator
  • Water Bath

* All the RO water you can drink

Become a supporting member of the Biohackspace and donate £15 monthly. Supporting members are also entitled to vote on proposals and use the lab in the same way as normal members.

We usually send out a newsletter about once a month, with details of whats been happening at the lab.