The iGEM kit has arrived!

Last week we got an exciting package through our door. After a long delay we finally received the iGEM 2014 biobrick distribution containing 1536 different pieces of lyophilised DNA.

A few of these parts will be crucial for building JuicyPrint and will mean we can finally get going on the project. But the best part is that the rest of the 1500 or so biobricks will be a valuable resource for future projects in the lab. London Biohackspace is now in possession of the genes for luciferin, GFP, RFP and a host of non-fluorescent dyes, not to mention all the weird and wonderful things we have yet to look in to.

A big thanks to the UCL Biochemical Engineering department for helping us fund our entry into iGEM this year and thereby giving us access to this fantastic resource.

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