Launch of DIY Bio Europe

The London BioHackspace were involved in the meeting which recently launched DIY Bio Europe. This feature in Wired details some of the topics which were discussed: On 1 December people descended upon Paris’s Musée des Arts et Métiers for a meeting to kick-off a new European science network. But...

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London BioHackspace featured on BBC News

“A group of amateur scientists from east London have scoured internet auction sites to create their own make-shift laboratory in a cupboard where they carry out experiments – mainly on themselves. They call themselves “bio-hackers”, non-institutional science and technology developers, and they have started to attract interest from professional...

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Synthetic Biology: A Right or a Risk?

The London BioHackspace participated in an exhibition at the Grant Museum of Zoology, London, where we presented and visualised the world’s first ‘Public BioBrick’ – a collaboration between scientists from UCL and London Biohackers. This was followed by a debate on the risks and advantages of allowing amateurs to...

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Amateur scientists build Lego-style synthetic BioBricks in public lab

London BioHackspace featured in Wired UK While some may believe that science is better left to scientists, hundreds of amateur biologists around the world have been setting-up makeshift biology labs in their homes, garages and community centres. Some of these “biohackers” or “DIY biologists” have political motivations to open...

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