OpenPCR kit build

Equipment required;

  1. small screwdriver
  2. smd soldering kit (soldering iron, reflow got air gun or oven, solder/solder paste, flux, solder wick, etc)
  3. magnifying glass, or other equipment for inspecting SMD soldering, such as stereo microscope
  4. digital multimeter



Step 1) assemble the components from the kit BOM (Bill of materials)


Step 2) solder the surface mount components, using either an oven, or reflow gun. Is easier than it looks.


(umm… picture is missing some bits)

3) Solder the remaining components



(umm… picture is missing some bits)

5) inspect the tracks for bridges and poor joints


6) install the wires and other connections;


7) power up






install the control app;

run it;



One comment on “OpenPCR kit build

  1. […] I am currently documenting a build of the OpenPCR kit, as I think that the documentation (on the site) is slightly lacking, especially if you don’t have any experience with surface mount soldering. So I have that documentation as a work in progress here: […]

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