bioconversion of food waste to protein: entocycle

This project was partially developed at the London Hackspace..

ENTOCYCLE: Natural High-Grade Insect Protein.

Entocycle are recreating nature’s natural process and feeding waste food to insects in a bio-refinery in London.
Harnessing 150 million years of ‘research and development’, waste human food rescued from landfill will be converted and transformed into 100% organic, natural high grade protein.
This locally sourced product can simultaneously; reduce land fill, recycle valuable nutrients and relieve stresses on current unsustainable food supply.

4 comments on “bioconversion of food waste to protein: entocycle

  1. Donald lockett says:

    I have successfully raised black soldier flies and I understand the potential. The opportunity in this industry is huge. I’m starting something in the U.S. if you are interested in working together let me know. Hope you are successful in your endeavor.

    1. Naresh Reddy says:

      Hi donald,I am interested in you offer to set up in India..can u contact me..

  2. Cindy says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful inonfmatiro.

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